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If you need to rent a small van in Liverpool, we offer rental services from £20 per day. Small vans are perfect for commercial use. They are perfect for moving items that would not necessarily fit into an ordinary sized car; an ideal choice if you are moving home or delivering sizable items.

Durable & Reliable Small Vans to Hire

The small van you can hire in Liverpool is typically a Ford Connect van. This is a durable and reliable diesel van that is favoured throughout the industry. It is fitted with high-tech lights to improve visibility if you are using it at night, had a high fuel efficiency, and comes with front wheel drive and power steering to make it easy to use. Most importantly, when you hire the van there will be a spacious storage area with a length of 4,418mm and height of 1,861mm. Have a look at a 3rd party review to see the kind of van you are getting from £20 per day.

With Small Van Hire in Liverpool for this starting from £20 per day, we are pretty sure we won’t we beaten on price by anyone around. The vans are serviced by us on a regular basis to ensure they are in top condition when you rent them. Furthermore, we are located right at the heart of the city centre in Liverpool so we are perfectly located if you have any comments, issues or questions.

You must be over 25 years of age and have no more than six points on your driving licence if you wish to hire this small van for Liverpool.

About the Ford Connect

Auto Express has deemed the Ford Connect van to be one of the best small vans of 2015, calling it the ‘drivers choice’. The magazine describes it as a ‘good looking machine’ with easy access to its load area as well as a high standard safety kit. The van has also been crowned the number one most fuel efficient van by Parkers. They state that the vans aerodynamic design, optimised 1.6 litre engine and econetic technology helped it to win this prize. In order to maximise fuel efficiency, you can fit a 62mph speed limiter.

The Ford Connect was first introduced to the European market back in 2002 as a replacement for delivery vans that were based on the Fiesta and the Escort, with the latter being discontinued that same year. The van was originally assembled in a factory in Turkey, before additional production began in Romania in 2009. Later on in 2009, Ford debuted an electric version of the vehicle which is available across the USA.

Some reviews of the Ford Connect that are available to view online:

“Best van…no best vehicle I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some pretty decent sports cars”

“As a Ford lover I was not disappointed”

“Looks good, drives well and has everything I could want in a van. 10/10”

“Amazing van, had it 4 weeks now and can’t fault it at all. Loaded with lots of extras and fun to drive”

“Very happy with it, feels like a regular car inside”