Short Wheel Base Hire – Liverpool


If you’re looking for a medium-sized van to transport furniture or any other belongings, then our Short Wheel Base Vans in Liverpool could be just what you need. If you don’t require a huge van, just something big enough for your average moving needs; make things much less complicated than they need to be, and hire one of our Short Wheel Base Vans in Liverpool.

Short Wheel Base Vans for personal use

No matter what you require a van for – if you’re moving house, if you’ve just bought some new furniture or if you’re part of a band and need a van to transport your equipment, we have one that’ll do the job. There’s no need to struggle; we can help you take the hassle out of transporting your belongings. Our Long wheel Base Vans can help you do everything in one move.

If you’re after convenience and a company you can rely on, look no further. Give us a call to hire one of our Short Wheel Base Vans Liverpool

Short Wheel Base Vans for business

Of course, there are many reasons one might need an extra set of wheels. We understand that in business, unexpected situations can occur. In those instances your business could really benefit from hiring a van from us. We even offer a 10% discount for businesses in the Liverpool area.

If your business needs an extra van to pick up or transport smaller items of furniture or stock, our vans could provide the solution to your problems. Call us for more information.

Our Short Wheel Base Vans

Our Short Wheel Base Vans in Liverpool are efficient and dependable. We use a range of models, but our Short Wheel Base Van fleet consists of top of the range Mercedes Vito’s.

Regular checks are conducted on all our vans and they all have a full service history, which means they are very unlikely to let you down. These vans are big enough to deliver almost anything, and for anyone in Liverpool wanting to hire a van either long term or for a daily rental, this is a great choice. Our Short Wheel Base Vans in Liverpool are currently priced from £25 per day.